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Decimator - Miniaturowy konwerter SDI - HDMI
Kabel Mini BNC (ITT DIN 1.0/2.3) - BNC Female 25cm

Kabel Mini BNC (ITT DIN 1.0/2.3) - BNC Female 25cm

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Przejściówka ITT DIN 1.0/2.3 BNC żeński dł. 25 cm


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DK 5 - 3G SDI Multi ChannelDK 5 - 3G SDI Multi ChannelDK 5 - 3G SDI Multi Channel
DK 5 - 3G SDI Multi ChannelDK 5 - 3G SDI Multi ChannelDK 5 - 3G SDI Multi Channel

DK 5 - 3G SDI Multi Channel

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Metering Complete

DK Meter – Compact Audio & Loudness Metering

Hit your Audio and Loudness sweet-spot with outstanding precision and instant overview – no matter the standard or target.

The DK Meter range is the perfect and surprisingly affordable ‘One box solution’ for any high resolution metering application counting; broadcast, film & post production as well as live transmission and recording.

Whether you want instant readouts and overview of a few key target levels, phase and channel correlation or detailed Loudness logging, DK Meter is the answer.


  • Bargraphs orMoving Coil – Your choice of metering tool
  • JellyFish™ &StarFish™Channel and Phase relations – Phase Security
  • Clear Loudness metering & readout – Loudness conformity at a glance
  • Real time True Peak PPM –Optimized level with no hidden ‘overs’
  • Compliant with all major loudness standards – Always hit your target
  • Loudness and True Peak Logging - Document, Review & Analyse
  • SMPTE Reader – Readout and Log against Time code
  • FFT Spectrum Analysis See and secure your audio from any angle
  • Compact design (132 x 88 x 18mm) – Easy placement and Installation

  • Flexible and User definable setupPersonalize to your workflow

  • SDI 3G, AES/EBU, Analogue – Choose the input format for you

Horizontal or Vertical

Adapt Your Setup to Match Your Way of Working

Define the view and the combination of tools and read-outs and screen orientation that you want to see on your meter.DK Meter comes loaded with a toolbox that tops virtually any other meter of the industry, as well as a number of different ways to view them – be horizontal or vertical. Combine them the way you like to monitor your audio performance.

Metering Styles, Scales & Ballistics

We Completely Leave it to You to Decide the Audio Reference Point and Display Method

Virtually any VU or PPM scale you can think of is included in DK Meter. Not only that, the specific choice of bar-graphs, sizes, colors or even Moving Coil emulations are all included with every DK Meter, allowing you to define the exact style, scale and ballistics that you prefer to monitor and review your audio.Use the on-board user presets to instantly switch between multiple views, scales and setups and completely customize your settings to your individual applications and jobs.

StarFish® & JellyFish®

No matter if you are Surround or Stereo, DK Meter gives you instant inter-channel views

DK-Technologies’ well-known channel and phase tools, JellyFish® and StarFish® gives you the perfect graphical representation of each channel amplitude and phase relationship, making it perfect for balancing out your stereo or surround mix, as well as, spotting potential problems and errors in your signal.

3G SDI Picture Preview

Be sure that you are monitoring the correct SDI feed

The Picture Preview feature included in the DK5, allows you to check the incoming SD, HD or 3G SDI picture.

By the push of a button or screen slide, DK Meter instantly turns into a mini video monitor in either Portrait or Landscape mode.

FFT Spectrum Analyser

With 1024 filter resolution the FFT allows you to see the nitty gritty of your frequency content

The FFT allows you to always confirm that the spectral balance of your source signal is correct. Additionally, the FFT comes in very handy as a tool of identifying and homing in on problem signals i.e. background rumble, HF test tones etc.

The unique frequency zoom function, enables extreme precision check of every single filter of the FFT.

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